Social media and the power of bloggin!  I was born in 1966.  I was adopted by my loving parents and I was very fortunate to be able to grow up on a small farm, near a small town on the Canadian prairies called Bankend.  You probably never heard of Bankend!  I went to school in Wishart.  OK you probably never heard of Wishart either!  That’s OK.  At the time I thought Wishart was the center of the world – at least the sign at the edge of town told us that ‘Welcome to Wishart – Center of the World’!  

Anyway back to the point of Bloggin.  Back in the day, pre-bloggers-ville, if you wanted to get something out to the community all you had to do was stop by the local coffee shop or pool hall and let one or two key town criers, also known as gossipers, know about the info you wanted to share, and amazingly the word spread across town before you could ask for a second cup of coffee.  

Modern day bloggin allows you to share your thoughts with a click of a button.  To whoever cares to read your blog.  And it’s all done with a tap of the mouse.  And you don’t even have to pay for coffee!  Pretty amazing.

So this is my first Blog as the Sage Gen-Exer!  I hope to become an expert at this bloggin thing. And I hope you enjoy what I want to share!

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