Are You Growing Among Trees or Mushrooms?

As human beings we all want strong relationships.  Relationships that grow over time with people that we can become close to.  Those that we are close to become our ‘community’. People within that community may consist of your parents, your spouse, your children, your friends and your business relationships.  

Similar in some ways to the prehistoric days when humans had to develop packs to be strong to fight and survive.  In modern days belonging to a strong community, or pack, allows us to live longer.  We become healthier if our community grows our happiness.  We grow stronger and live longer when our communities bring us happiness. 

Your community is where you find strength in bonding with others.  A strong community will allow you to grow your knowledge of your profession, or of your well-being.  Your overall life will be better and the end result will likely also be a higher financial worth. 

Your community will be there to support you when you well-being is being brought down as a result of illness or perhaps of a death of someone within your community.  

Your community will also be there to celebrate with you when you achieve new successes.  When you’ve worked hard and studied hard to complete a challenge in your life.  A challenge like attaining a higher level of education.  Moving up in your profession.  Entering into a life long relationship.  Or the amazing fulfillment of becoming a parent.  Having a community to celebrate the successes in our life are a key part of desire to grow and achieve new wins.  It’s no fun to party alone!  

Do the communities that you belong to bring you happiness.  Do they grow your well-being, or do they decrease it.  If the goal of belonging to a community is to bring you strength, does it?  If it doesn’t then is it a community to belong to?  The outcome of wallowing within a community that is not bringing you the positive results that you are looking for will always result in a ‘you’ that cannot grow.  Moving on though is scary, especially when you’ve belonged to that community for a long time, maybe even your whole life.

 In order for a tree to grow it needs the sun to shine – mushrooms need darkness.  Trees live for a long time – mushrooms only survive for a few days.  Do you want your life to be a life of a mushroom?  Or that of a tree?  

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