There are some secrets we try not to share because they hurt too much or perhaps are too embarrassing.  Painful memories that cause hurt deep within creates a darkness in our lives that can create a need to strike out at the ones closest to us.  This reaction to those that are closest to you is not to cause pain in their lives, but to keep them from feeling the pain within yours.  Allowing them to become to close may somehow burden them with the darkness that you suffer.

But when the darkness reaches the deepest of darkness, the only way to find our way to the light again is to ask.  Asking for help to gain light though shows our weakness, a weakness that causes embarrassment.  Embarrassment will only cause more pain and more darkness, at least that is what is believed. The reality is that without help the darkness get darker and the pain gets deeper.  

Help can be received by asking, but help can also be received by guiding.  Guiding those that you care about that are in a world of darkness in a way that does not cause embarrassment.  It takes awareness by others, by yourself, of situations to know when that help is required.  An awareness that comes when you take time to sincerely pay attention to others.  An awareness of when the darkness hits hardest.  An awareness of when the ‘monsters’ in the other persons head are silently screaming the loudest, and causing the most darkness.  

At the time when you love yourself the least – reach out to someone you love the most…the courage it takes to do this will be great…but the love they return will give you strength…the strength you need to overcome the monsters in your head.

The ‘Let’s Talk’ Campaign is bringing awareness and open discussion to depression.  It is making positive progress in defeating the stigma that has been around too long.  It’s great to see the role that so many famous Canadians have taken in defeating the stigma and bringing awareness to this problem.  Olympian Clara Hughes has lead the charge.  She is winning a gold medal every time she speaks on the topic of depression. The website provides information and guidance on this topic.  

Let’s all work together to defeat the monsters.  And create a healthier and happier society. 

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength. while loving someone gives you courage

— Lao Tzu

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