The Facts

Fact. 1

Society’s value system is misaligned

Our society has a ridiculously huge focus on valuing a person’s net worth on how much stuff you own, or at least appear to own.  Commercialism is rampant.  Following the lifestyles of some rich, over indulged reality person for some reason has become reality – when in reality it isn’t.  People are led to believe that the person with the most toys wins.  And all you have to do is make more money so you can buy more things and all troubles will be cured.  The fact is that money is important – but it must be aligned with your well-being and the experiences that are of value to you and your family.

Fact. 2

Our well-being is continually challenged by the demands of society’s expectations.

The ‘Hamster Wheel’ lifestyle that people are living is putting a strain on our physical and spiritual beings…we are allowing this ‘Keep up with the Jones’ lifestyle to control our real meaning of life. Core values have become misaligned as a result of the pursuit for wealth.  A wealth that is misaligned, out of balance and has resulted in an implosion within individuals and their families.

Fact. 3

Our ability to grow and share our knowledge in meaningful ways is being taken away.

Because of the demands of day to day life we spend more time preparing for work, commuting to work and at work than the time we invest in experiences and the sharing of those experiences with those that are important to us.


Sageview Strategies is changing the way that your net worth is determined, invested and grown.  By focusing on the balance of three key areas in a triad, the results become more meaningful wealth.  It’s a wealth that is transferable from one generation to the next.  A wealth that does not deteriorate.  A wealth that is controlled by the owner – the owner is you.

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