Vicissitude – A change or variation occurring in the course of something

Why is wealth defined by how much you are financially worth?  How much money do you have in the bank?  (or under your mattress!)  How much is your stock portfolio was worth?  How big is your house?  And how expensive is your fancy suit?

Sageview Strategies Inc. is rewriting the book on how to define your wealth.  We believe that financial independence is defined by each individual person – that would be you – not some big bank or investment firm.

It’s the value that you place on your most meaningful assets that creates a wealth that grows exponentially.  A wealth that is truly balanced and meaningful.

Your belief’s, your values and your self-worth is the key to your financial independence.

Why does Sageview Strategies Inc. do what we do?

We believe that your wealth is a combination of your Personal Wisdom, Well-Being and Financial Assets.

Coaching individuals to invest in these assets today.  Growing their value into tomorrow. Then bringing them to the world in the future is our passion.

That’s how we are redefining wealth.

That’s Vicissitude!

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