Knowing where you came from … where your roots were planted … where they were originally allowed to grow … allows you to go farther than those without an understanding of their roots.

Your language, traditions and core beliefs originated from those roots.  While those roots may not be perfect, from there you grow your own roots.  Be proud of those roots … they are yours.

Keep your own roots firmly and deeply planted, even while others try to dig them up and pull them out.  Those that attempt to do so, only do so out of their own weakness, their own evil, their own rotten roots.

Be proud of the knowledge that you possess as a result of those roots, whether that knowledge is good or bad.  Learn from that knowledge and apply that knowledge to the growing of your own roots.  The roots that your family will grow from.

Be kind to those roots, protect them and defend them.  It is from those roots that a successful life’s journey is dependent upon.

Enjoy the Journey!

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