Employee Benefits

The Employee Benefits Multiplier Effect

We work with individuals and companies who believe in themselves, their families, their employees, and their employees’ families; and who possess the desire to plan for a Sage Financial Future. 

We multiply this desire with the presence of our Benefits@Sageview™ platform. The impact of decisions made through employee benefits is multiplied by the number of employees at a company;  it is again multiplied by the number of family members of those employees; and again multiplied by the products the employer provides through the employee benefits plan. We call this The Benefits Multiplier Effect. 

The effect of the Multiplier impacts not just one person or one person’s family. Depending on the size of the company – potentially hundreds of people’s lives are affected by every decision made. This is a huge responsibility that we passionately strive to fulfill.

Employee Benefits

As a small business owner, you know the key to your business success is attracting and retaining quality employees. You also know it can be easier said than done!

Attractive compensation packages are more than just a pay cheque. Competitive and creative benefit packages are sought out by employees. Competitive and creative benefit packages attract quality employees and help retain the employees that are part of your firm.

Our experience has shown that business owners encounter a number of challenges with the design, implementation, and management of their employee benefits program.
The Benefits@Sageview consulting platform provides a solution to the challenges faced by business owners. Our modular approach to Blueprinting, Analyzing, Implementing and Managing a company benefits plan has proven to enhance both, the immediate and long-term relationships with employees.

The strengths of our Benefits@Sageview platform propels our clients to a successful, mutually satisfying employee benefits plan. This process will enhance the ownership value of your company by stimulating the wellness of your workplace. Our unique process has proven to heighten the productivity and determination of your most valuable asset – your employees.

Employee Benefit Services Provided by Sageview Strategies Inc.

Sageview Strategies Inc. was founded on the principle of accountability… …we act on our client’s behalf, and we hold financial institutions accountable. We challenge the status quo. Our planning platform is specifically designed to empower our clients, companies, their employees, and the employees’ families. We strongly believe in families and the human condition of relieving stress from everyday life so you can focus on what matters most.