Indigenous Employee Benefits

Since 2003 Sageview Strategies Inc. has been providing specialized and creative group insurance programs and retirement programs to Indigenous owned businesses and organizations.

Designing Employee Benefit Programs with a Sage View.

With experience comes knowledge  

  • Knowledge is utilized to overcome obstacles and enhance well-being.  
  • At Sageview Strategies Inc. we specialize in designing employee benefit programs that enhance the well-being of our Indigenous clients.  
  • Knowledge grows through thoughtful discussion, sharing and communicating, resulting in a deep understanding. 
  • This deep understanding helps us to convey the needs of our clients to the insurance providers that have been thoughtfully chosen to partner with our clients.
  • Understanding the coordination between Health Canada and employee benefit programs enhances the benefits available to our Indigenous clients.
  • Understanding the coordination of benefits assists our clients with costs savings that can then be directed towards other programs.
  • As a result, our clients are provided with security and peace of mind knowing that their employee’s well-being is provided for.
  • In return, when the employee’s wellbeing is being provided for, they acquire a feeling of value to the organization which improves productivity and loyalty to your company or organization.
  • All while recognizing and honoring the inherent Treaty Rights. 

Whether you are a new Indigenous business or organization wanting to establish a benefit plan; or perhaps you are already established and would like a complete independent review of your program, Sageview Strategies Inc. would be honored to have this discussion with you.

Why choose Sageview Strategies Inc. as your employee benefit service provider?


  • Extensive understanding of employee benefits, pension legislation, product availability and other related rules – Bev and Dwayne have combined knowledge of over 70 years in this industry.
  • Consistency of service offered in all geographical areas – We utilize technology and on-site service to assist employers with information, knowledge sharing and plan service.
  • Quality level and continuity of services offered – We represent you, the employer, and as such, we meet the level of expectation that you define.
  • Cost of the service – Through our broker agreements, our selected insurance companies pay Sageview a commission to provide your employee benefits plan.
  • Creativity, ingenuity, and innovation – offering creative solutions for your employee benefits program.


Let us help you to attract and retain your most valuable assets – your employees.