Health Spending Account (HSA)

A Health Spending Account (HSA) is a program created by CRA as an alternative to Traditional Insurance to help small business owners.

An HSA allows you to expense your qualifying medical and dental costs (for you and your employees) through your company with no tax implications to the employee. As well, this expense becomes 100% tax deductible to the business.

Flexibility is one of the best features of this program. As the employer, you can set up different employee classifications with different benefit amounts, giving you full control over your health care budget.

To offer specially tailored benefits for your staff, Sageview Strategies has partnered with BeneFitsMyWay. Together we are proud to provide flexible and budget friendly health and dental coverage.  BeneFitsMyWay recognizes the challenges small businesses face when trying to choose the right employee health benefits program. As an employer you want to provide a competitive, comprehensive package to your employees but don’t want the costs to become unmanageable or the coverage to be inadequate.

Follow our link to find out more about the program and set up your own Health Spending Account with Benefits My Way.