Personal Health Insurance

Individual health and dental plans designed for you!

Are you paying out of your own pocket for health care costs not covered by your government health insurance, like prescription drugs, dental care, vision care, chiropractors, emergency medical travel benefits and much more?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could control the cost of these unexpected medical expenses?

Well, you can! Welcome to Health Assist from Green Shield Canada! Unique plans that provide simple, affordable, and comprehensive health and dental coverage to suit any lifestyle or budget available through Green Shield Canada’s insurance advisor network.

Health Assist plans are for anyone who isn’t currently enrolled in a company health plan. If you’re a contract or part-time employee or self-employed and run your own business, these plans were designed with you in mind! There’s even a plan for anyone who’s about to lose their group health benefits like soon to be retirees.

Health Assist plans offer health and dental coverage, prescription drugs, vision care, extended health care, online mental health therapy, emergency medical travel benefits and preferred hospital accommodation coverage. All plans are available to any Canadian resident who’s covered under their provincial health insurance plan. And all Health Assist plans offer lifetime protection that won’t be canceled regardless of your age or your health, as long as payments are made.

Health Assist LINK Plans

LINK insurance plans make it easy to enjoy the benefits of a personal health insurance plan after your employee benefits end. Perfect if you are about to or have recently lost your employee benefits for various reasons, such as:

  • Retirement
  • Job loss
  • Switch to freelance
  • Shift to part-time or working on contract

Health Assist ZONE Plans

ZONE health insurance plans offer the flexibility and confidence you need to deal with routine and unexpected health-related expenses. Perfect if you haven’t had a health insurance plan before, or not for a while, and you’re:

  • Self-employed
  • A small business owner
  • Contract worker
  • Working Freelance
  • A part-time worker
  • A seasonal worker 

So, what are you waiting for? Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll be able to control your out-of-pocket medical expenses. Find out just how easy and how affordable a Health Assist plan can be. You’ll be glad you did!